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API Implementation Guide

Connect to your account

The inBOX25 API allows you to interact and "sync" with your inBOX25 account via simple web-based methods. We've provided loads of samples for most popular development environments to help you get started quickly and easily.

What can I do with the API?

Well, lots. The most common use is to sync the data in your inBOX25 account with your own database or CRM software, but there are loads of other uses. Here's a few we see quite a bit...

  • Automatically sync your subscriber lists with your own customer management software. You can use your own in-house software to store customer or member details, and then outsource your email delivery to inBOX25.
  • Download customers who were interested in a particular page on your site so you can follow them up over the phone or indulge in some fancy targeting.
  • Pull down all your customers whose email address have been bouncing back so your team can get their new address.
  • Grab anyone who unsubscribes or marks your email as spam and add them to your "do-not-contact-ever-again" internal list.
What languages are supported?

You can use almost any language that can consume web services to achieve what you are after with the API, and we're continually adding samples in a range of languages to accomodate this. So as long as you are proficient in your language of choice, you should have no problem working with the methods available.

Getting Started

We've implemented an extremely simple, yet secure way of identifying who you are, and upon which inBOX25 entities you're wanting to work with. There are a few key ID's you will be using a large part of the time, and the service endpoint you'll need for every call, so we've put together a reference on what they are and where to find them.

Messaging Formats
    Encodes operation requests and arguments in the URL of the Web service.
    Encodes operation requests and arguments within the payload area of the HTTP-POST request as name/value pairs.

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