Site Monitor Visitor Analytics

Add a new level of efficiency and accuracy to your business by automating your marketing processes.

Reveal anonymous site traffic and convert visitors into leads.

Identify the individual visitors or companies that are browsing your web site and leverage their behavior for more personalized marketing, sales engagement and targeting.

Turn your web site into a lead generation machine

Unlike standard web analytics, SiteMonitor is all about tracking and reporting about individual visitor actions and behavior.

  • Track a Visitor's Full Journey

    The Site Monitor visitor report allows you to track and measure each visitor's unique journey through your site, page by page.

    Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

    Our omni-analytics will help you breakdown how referral traffic, organic traffic and your paid traffic are influencing both lead generation and revenue.

  • Identify Visitors by Geolocation

    Gain a birds-eye view to the city, state and country that your visitors and leads are engaging with your brand from.

    Score Web Activity

    Score and segment traffic when qualified leads or opportunities engage with priority site pages and content.

  • Attribute Site Activity to Revenue

    Measure the influence your web site and specific page content is having on opportunities opened and closed.

    Reveal Anonymous Visitors

    Vision Prospector is scanning your site traffic 24/7 to discover specific companies and contacts the moment they are looking at your brand and offering.

Convert visitors into leads with Leadbox and Landing pages

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Every second counts.
Identify leads the moment they’re looking at you.

Vision Prospector analyzes your inbound web site traffic and social followers in real-time to find new prospects or companies that are engaging with your brand (now).

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Reveal anonymous site visitors with Vision AI

Take advantage of your existing site traffic with AI driven prospecting.

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