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Microtargeting with Vision's Affinity Data Intelligence

Affinity data - information about personal interests and demographics; details about your clients and prospects that go far beyond what you learn in their direct interactions with you - is an increasingly important part of microtargeting efforts.

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    Know your Customers

    Building a meaningful dialog and relationship takes more than just transactional data. Vision provides marketers with instant access to the DNA of your leads and customers.

    Right Message for the Right Audience

    Deliver highly personalized email, social content, and text messages using lifestyle, behavioral, and interest attributes.

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    Company Insights

    Vision enables you to append company-level firmographics, social footprint data and key persons at a firm to your leads and customers.

    Demand Generation

    Vision can convert anonymous web site visitors into Company Insight profiles and Twitter followers into new Leads for your sales team to engage.

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    Affinities and Personal Interests

    Leveraging psychographic/affinity data to augment your existing database results in robust, data-driven profiles that reveal how customers behave outside of their transactional footprint (in other words, the other 99% of their lives).

    AI Account-Based Marketing

    Accelerate your ABM strategy by adding firmographic data attributes for targeting and discover other key stakeholders at your target Accounts.


Every second counts.
Identify leads the moment they’re looking at you.

Vision Prospector analyzes your inbound web site traffic and social followers in real-time to find new prospects or companies that are engaging with your brand (now).

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Segment, Target and Personalize

Data that is dicovered by Vision is stored within your marketing database using a combination of Tags and Custom fields. These objects can be leveraged to build smarter segments and to deliver personalized content.


Data-driven Buyer Personas

Vision can scale your full database to help build more accurate buyer personas. By scanning your existing leads, customers as well as all of your current and past opportunities, Vision can deliver insights to easily measure the top influencers and revenue drivers.


Streamline Sales Research

Vision empowers your sales team with dozens of relevant data points. Our one-click solution for your CRM saves hundreads of hours per year in lead research.

360° lead profile delivered to your inbox, instantly.

Instantly transform a simple email address from a form submission into a full 360-degree profile with Vision and route new lead alerts to your sales team in real-time.


To: Sales Agent

From: INBOX25

Subject: New Lead (Jane Doe) from Vision

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Jane Doe Female age 32

Yes, we’re all different. See how.

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AI-driven Database Enrichment
Automated Tagging based on brand affinities and interests
Real-time Sales Alerts with Embedded Vision Intelligence Profile
AI driven Account-Based Marketing with Company Insights
Build Lead Profiles from Anonymous Site Visitors and Social Followers
Vision Sales Intelligence Panel for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM
Enrich your database with Social Data from hundreds of networks

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